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Fort Hammy- The Reveal

*More pictures below! This has been my most favorite small project to date, I learned a ton from working on this project and even convinced my hubby that I needed a table saw for an early Christmas present. What can I say, I love power tools.

It took about a month (because I was gone for part of the month and stopping/starting projects is somewhat hard for me.) I made a million runs to the hardware stores and home improvement stores. Learned a ton about working with chalk-paint, had to design, redesign, construct, deconstruct, modify and change up so many times on the melamine boards.

We set Harry loose in his new home last night, he was very nervous and is in hiding mode. We’re doing our best to just let him get used to his new environment and leave him be but I was happy to hear him running on his wheel last night. He’s burrowed somewhere in there now, asleep for the day. We moved his food and a temporary water feeder down below to the main level until we’re sure he can figure out how to get up to the top.

The nice thing, this is a very solid sturdy armoire and it will be used for generations of hamsters long after Harry.

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