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Mineral House- We have HEAT… AND A/C!

Flew back home in late October/November to meet with contractors to get heat installed into the Mineral House. Everything was covered with a thick layer of nasty dirt and it smelled like “old midwest dank” so badly.

I finally got down into the basement for the first time ever and honestly it wasn’t bad. It was just the staircase that was giving me the heebie-jeebies.  Turns out they’re really solid, even though they’re very narrow. But the basement is divided into different rooms and is just sort of weird.

After working with Elmore Electric, I was very happy to get a very fair and reasonable quote for the retrofit. So fair, that it allowed us to be able to afford putting central AC in the house too! HOOT HOOT!

The only thing I was bummed about was my hopes for doing high velocity ducting tubes wasn’t going to go but the technician had a plan that made things really easy to do and manage. We had to take one large duct up the center of the house and we positioned it next to the old chimney that runs up the house, which happens to jut out a corner in the downstairs bedroom/den and will easily be concealed when we get back.

While I was there, I managed to get the gutters cleaned out and found a leaking spot in the roof over the mudroom. That whole thing needs to come off and be redone soon. We didn’t make any progress on the bathroom as I’d hoped while we were there but I did go through and wash down the floors to help with the smell and did a little dusting. Also got a blind put in in the front room, but discovered all of the main windows are too long for standard blinds… which means we’re going to have to go custom or not at all. To be honest, I’m kind of thinking that sheers behind thicker curtains might be a better way to go than blinds. I always found blinds kind of ugly. I don’t even know if it’s possible to find rods that allow you to open main curtains with rope instead of the cruddy options they have (pull open) now. Suppose I should look at that eventually right? 🙂

One thing at a time!

Oh, the other thing I did manage to do while I was there was find a buffet that fit under the hutch area next to the butlers pantry! I need to do a little work and “hide” that it’s not part of the original wall setting but I will get there. A few modifications the next time I’m in to get it to sit right.

But out of everything, it really makes my heart happy to have gotten a major piece of this puzzle handled and help to re-stabalize the house.  Next up: Water heater, upstairs bathroom shower/tub, toilet, sink, flooring, ceiling and drywall. Once those are done, it opens up a whole realm of being able to work on the place while being there!

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