Welcome to my world!

I should have done this ages ago but I have a tendency to take care of other people’s sites and then forget about mine! So I guess I should introduce myself in case you ever come across this blog. I’m Liz, also known as Beth, Elizabeth, Locket Liz, Ms. Liz, Dory (Camp Nickname) and… Mom.

What I love and what I do? I’m a Locket Designer, Team Manager, Wife, Scout Leader and all around Handy-Woman who LOVES to tinker. I love to do plumbing, woodwork, floor restoration, irrigation system repair to name a few and I love restoring old beat up things to something beautiful again. It’s pretty much my passion. I have a house we’re working on up north, slowly, but surely. We call it the Mineral House (because of the town name) and it’s been years in the making and it’ll be more years in the making. In other words: I’m a jack of all trades and definitely master of none but I make it work as I go.

I’m a dreamer, I’m a do-er, I’m a visionist. By day, I’m a locket designer for Origami Owl┬« and work to help support the craziest most amazing team that I’m proud to be “Mama Owl” to. By night, I’m knee deep in planning projects and ideas and occasionally I write novels (for myself).

I realized that I needed to get this blog up and going and get a starting off point because we’ve got updates going on in the house soon. I’m flying home this week to have contractors come out and figure out what we need to do to get the house back up and running again. In the meantime, I’ve got projects going on at home too, the current project is a crazy fun little hamster hutch for my daughter and finally experimenting with some chalk-paint. (exterior, not interior).

So, that’s my crazy life in a nutshell… oh, wait… one last thing. I’m a total night-owl and nocturnal by nature. So if you catch me around, it’s likely to be late at night when the moon is up and there’s silence all around. It’s the only time I get a chance to breathe!

I will try to get up some of the old pictures soon of the Mineral House and I’ll have updates soon on progress. I’ve got 10 days to do work on the old house coming up and I can’t wait!

Peace out for now!
Locket Liz


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